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I wont claim to agree with many of the ideas that Einstein sets forth in this small collection of essays, but I will say that they were well laid-out and certainly provided fodder for deeper reflection. I think that everyone knows who Einstein is but like me, have spent little time getting to know Einstein. The internet is rife with supposed quotes from Einstein leaving people to wonder what Einstein actually said and thought. If this is you then I suppose this book will begin to help you resolve those questions as you get to know Einsteins political and moral convictions in a very clear and concise manner. Some of his thoughts were things I would have expected to read based on the little bit that I knew about him while others left me a little surprised and amused. Again, the arguments are well-laid out but they are not bulletproof and there are a few things he said which I felt expressed a naivety concerning human nature. Nevertheless, in the context of his own time and place in history they made sense. This is certainly a piece that reflects the era it was written in, yet many of the messages are relevant for the modern world.Einstein was first and foremost a socialist and I am curious now to know how much of a backlash he felt about this in an era of the McCarthy Kangaroo Trials. To my knowledge this did not have any serious repercussions even though I am not sure how he avoided it during the Cold War period. He thinks that socialism is the answer to economic disparity and believes that it is a step towards genuine progress. There is a marked difference in his generation vs. ours because many in our time reject the notion of progress while Einstein thought that it was attainable. Einstein thinks that human have contradictory elements to their nature that makes them self-centered while also socially dependent. He felt that it was the workers who created the goods and services and that these very people feel that they have been robbed by the capitalist who ultimately steals it and exploits for his own benefit. In addition to economic issues Einstein discusses the relationship between races in America and the benefits and woes that scientific development has upon society at large. While he understand that technology has the power transform society it also has a dark side that could result in catastrophic proportions.A majority of the work has Einstein discussing the pertinence of a supranational organization that will ultimately trump the authority of individual nations. He does briefly acknowledge the danger of such a power but dismisses it because he feels that individual nations and the threat of war pose a much greater danger than a supranational group that overseas the governments of the world. Again, Einstein is living in the era of time where Russia and America are engaged in serious hostility. He urges America to be willing to move toward this existence citing that Russia will follow their lead once it is clear that America is not seeking to harm Russia but to live in world peace. There is an exchange written in this book between a Russian scientist and Einstein. The Russian resisted Einstein idea of a supranational organization citing that this would be a way that America seek to impose capitalism on the world at large. Einstein of course, was sympathetic to this because he himself did not believe in capitalism. However, he stands firmly for America and seems to have a favorable opinion of the nation that took him in and made him one of her own.Einsteins greatest concern was the issue of the bomb and it becomes very clear that he feels that he has a sense of responsibility to insure that the bomb is not used. The creation of bomb he saw as necessary because he understood that this could have been developed and used by Germany during WWII, but he laments that it exists in the present and is essentially being used to create tensions as well as distrust throughout the world. This was one of the central reasons that he thought that a supranational organization needed to exist. Einstein thought that patriotism was very harmful and was something to government could use to advance their own agendas. Essentially, Einstein sees a world without class, social, or national distinctions. That does not mean that he thinks that there should be one language or culture yet he never actually explains how that it suppose to work. Culture itself is something that would need to be more homogeneous in order to relieve any and all tensions and this does not even account for tensions caused by religious interests. This is one of the reasons I suggested that there was some naivety on his part. He fails to take into account the force and power that culture plays upon individual groups and society at-large. His greatest fear is that the bomb will be used to eradicate some sector or all of humanity and perhaps he did not consider that the bomb is its own restrainer. That is, the threat of the bomb has been enough to deter it from being used through the cold war and into the modern period.Einstein addresses a number of other less important issues that prove to shine a light on the soul of Einstein and give us a window into his thought life. Some of the articles are addresses about Scientists and friends who made a significant impact in his life and in the world. He discusses their research and sometimes expresses personal feelings or thoughts about the individual. As far as I could tell, each individual was someone who was already deceased at the time of the essay, and only some of them were people that Einstein actually knew. He also talks about the importance of the role played by Zionism in the Jewish community. He praised it as a powerful force in keeping the community together and keeping the Jewish people alive. He supported a return to the homeland but he did not necessarily support a Jewish nation and thought that if Jews did the right thing they would do their best to work together and co-exist peacefully with the Arabs who lived in Palestine. He saw the creation of the Jewish state as something that was detrimental and a step backwards in the development of humanity. This had to do less with the Jews and more to do with the fact that Einstein thought that the way to insure peace was to promote the idea of a global community and he saw individual nations as a deterrent to that process.Overall, this book was well-worth reading. Many of the conclusions that Einstein reached were ideas that did not resonate with me. I am not a socialist, I do NOT believe in supranational organizations, I do believe in individual nations and the creation of the Jewish state in Palestine. However, I am not afraid to read an opposing opinion and give it some consideration. I think that Einstein had noble intentions and was looking at things from the angle of one who participated in the creation of the worlds most dangerous invention. He lived in a different time, a different place, and had seen humanity at its best and its worst. I think we can all share Einsteins apprehension about the bomb and should recognize how important it is for nations to cooperate and make the world a safer place. Even now, our eyes have turned toward North Korea as they test their own nuclear power capabilities and we see the horrible possibilities that the bomb could release upon the future. Einstein had some good points that have to be taken into consideration. Again, this is a refreshing book with an interesting view point and agree or not one thing is certain: Einstein cannot be easily dismissed.

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